How To Look After The Door Handle!

When we think of oven maintenance, we don’t usually think about the door handle. You may not think it will get any issues, but the more you use your oven, the more strained it gets. You should take care to keep it from any issues. For instance, keeping the handle clean will keep it from getting covered in grime and mess from food that may drop there. If this builds up it can affect the handle and eventually break it down. By keeping it clean from grime, this will keep it strong.


You should also keep an eye on movement. If the handle is wobbly at all, it could be the screws inside of it. They may have gotten rusty over time or simply need tightening up. You should ensure no one pulls on the handle too harshly as this will prevent it from loosening and eventually falling off. Even after taking care of the handle, it may need replacing anyway from being used so often. Signs of wear and tear can be cracks in the handle, which means it may be time to look for a new one. Call us for all Electric cooker repairs in Saltash and Plymouth.


How To Stop An Overheating Oven!

It can be frustrating when a modern day appliance starts failing, but sometimes even the most reliable ovens can develop common issues such as overheating and their components becoming faulty. There are various reasons why your electric oven could be overheating, with one of the most common issues being a problem with the thermostat. The thermostat has the job of keeping the temperature maintained at the optimum level and will bring it back up if it drops down. If there is an issue with the thermostat, it may not sense the right temperature, therefore not maintaining the correct level and going too high. This in turn also affects the heating element, as it won’t get the stop signal and therefore will get hotter in the process. The sensor may not work correctly, failing to sense any changes. There is also a chance that the fan in your oven stops working, therefore causing random hot spots that can burn your meals!


If you want to prevent overheating, keeping an eye on the oven and what is normal for your everyday use is efficient. For instance, if you don’t change the temperature generally and routinely use it with the right timing, you would notice if the temperature suddenly changes one day or takes too long to cool down. By noticing an issue early on it will be easier to prevent them. If you are looking for a fully qualified professional for your Cooker Installation in Ivybridge, then call us now.


Common Electric Hob Issues

Sometimes you may notice that there is an issue with your electric oven. This could be anything from the oven itself not working or just the top where the hobs are. Either way it is an inconvenience, but quite common. For instance, you may find that turning on an electric hob will suddenly cause the electrics to trip. If this happens, then you should try unplugging different appliances in the room and then resetting the fuse box. If you turn on the oven and the hob causes the electrics to trip a second time, then you should get a professional to come and have a look, as it may be the hob is damaged, or the circuit has an issue. Sometimes even the oven itself can affect the hob if it also has a hidden problem.


A cooking plate on one of the hobs may not be getting hot, which could indicate a problem with the heating element. This is also something a technician would have to look at. If you find that your food is getting cooked on the hob unevenly, it could actually be the pan that is the issue, if it has an uneven base. If this is the case, then you need to get new ones.


Generally, electric hobs are one of the cheaper options and their issues tend to be problems with the heating elements or switches. Signs to look out for are electricity tripping, temperature fluctuating and plates not turning on. Remember we not only repair electric hobs; we also can install new electric cookers in Peverell and throughout Plymouth.


Is An Electric Cooker More Eco-Friendly?

When looking for a new cooker, you may wonder what is the best type to get, be it gas or electric. Aside from pros and cons, you may also wonder what is the best type for the environment. An electric cooker is generally safer than a gas cooker. Gas stoves give out carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and nitrogen dioxide, which can be bad for your health and the environment. Nitrogen dioxide can negatively add to climate change when it goes into the atmosphere, due to being a greenhouse gas that can create natural problems, like acid rain (something that is bad for forest areas). Carbon Monoxide is harmful to your health, even in small quantities, which is why if you do have a gas cooker it is important you have a carbon monoxide detector, to limit the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning.


Gas ovens have their benefits even so, such as being quick to warm up and being financially efficient. They are safe as long as you have the right ventilation. But electric cookers are the more environmentally friendly of the two. You don’t need to worry about a gas supply and they’re easier to clean and cheaper to fit. These are pricier over all, but if you’re not concerned about that then electric is the way to go. You just need to ensure that if there are any problems, you should get them looked over by a professional. Call us for all Electric Cooker Repairs in Plymouth.


Taking Care When Using Electrics

Using an electrical oven is handy and although a professional can fix faults and find solutions for one when it needs a repair, personally you need to think about the things that can happen if you’re not careful yourself. Electrical house fires are one of the most common types of fires reported, so you need to know what to do to prevent this. Using electrical appliances will always carry a risk, as you are using heat, water, cables and electricity.


Your sockets (which should not be overloaded with potentially overheating appliances) should be a safe distance away from the sink, so water can’t come into contact with it. This is also relevant if you’re using water when cooking, so take care not to splash or spill anything on top of the oven. It should be protected with an RCD installed (residual current device) which can potentially save your life. If you have wet hands you should not switch on any appliances.


You shouldn’t leave your oven on after using it and you should take care after using it as the electric hobs will still be hot, this includes leaving any cables or items resting on top of the oven as they could potentially melt or start a fire! Another fire risk is a build-up of mess such as grease and fat, so you should make sure your oven is cleaned thoroughly when it is off and cool. You should also ensure your smoke detector works and is tested often to keep you and your family safe. If you think there are any problems with your appliances then you should get a professional to give a thorough inspection in case it needs repairing safely. Call us today for all Cooker Repairs in Saltash.


The Benefits Of Hiring An Expert

If you find yourself in need of repairs, it is best to ask a professional. Appliances can waste a lot of energy if they are not working correctly. For instance, if an oven isn’t heating properly, you’ll be paying out money for something that isn’t doing the job it was bought for. However an expert can check out the problem and make sure it isn’t using up unnecessary energy. You could save a lot of money overall.


Using an expert means they will be licensed, experienced and will recognise the problem quickly. They will fix things correctly and efficiently, so it shouldn’t be a future issue. If you try to do it yourself, you may find the problem crops up again in just a small amount of time.


Whilst an expert is working on the appliance, they’ll be able to see any hidden issues that may turn into something serious later on. Once they have sorted the initial problem, you will find your appliance is now more efficient, which will improve the daily use notably.


Hiring an expert is safer, as if you do it yourself you could potentially put yourself and your family in danger. An expert will know what to do and how to avoid any hazards. They will also use their time efficiently, as if you did it yourself, it might take a few hours feeling annoyed and stressed, particularly if you’re not sure what to do. It is best to have an expert fix your appliance, as it will save time, stress and keep the health and safety of your home a priority. Call us for Electric cooker repairs in Saltash and Plymouth.


Advantages of An Electric Cooker

In your kitchen, one of the most useful appliances you will own is a cooker. Unfortunately, when it breaks it can cause a lot of hassle and stress!


Electric cookers are generally a lot easier to repair and maintain than gas cookers. Sometimes you can struggle to find spare parts for gas cookers, as electric cookers tend to be more popular nowadays. Electric cookers are also easier to clean, as you don’t have to worry about food falling in to the spaces that a gas cooker usually has.


Health and safety is important when using appliances and electric cookers are safe and dependable. Gas cookers have the potential for gas leaks, but with an electric cooker you don’t need to worry about this.


Electric cookers are generally cheaper than gas cookers, as well as being energy efficient and more eco-friendly. It depends on the type of cooker you purchase and energy consumption, but overall, they are more financially efficient.


Fitting an electric cooker is a lot less hassle than a gas one, as you don’t need gas outlets. An electric cooker is a lot more simple to fit, so you also save time and stress overall. Call today for all Emergency Cooker repairs in Plymouth.


Electric Cooker Faults and Their Solutions

Imagine having a long day, only to come home and find your electric cooker isn’t working! It’s good to know the difference between minor and major problems so you know how to fix it. For instance, it’s quite common for the heating elements to get a fault. Usually this is noticeable when the fan or light turn on, but there’s no heat. The best way to deal with this is to replace the broken heating element.


Sometimes it can be an issue with the thermostat, so everything gets burnt. A thermostat controls the temperature of your oven, so if there’s something wrong with it, it could also be a fire risk. Any cooking you do can be unreliable, as you don’t know how hot it will be.


As well as ruining the cooking, a broken oven can also cause black outs. If it has cut out (and therefore affected the rest of the house), something has tripped the fuse. Fortunately, a fuse is simple to fix, but if you require Cooker repairs in Plymouth, or have any other worries or problems with your oven, the best thing to do is get hold of an expert.